Food for Navratras

Navratras are nine nights and ten days long festival. It is one of the holiest festivals where people across the country worship different avtars of Goddess Durga, which is celebrated all over India, Pakistan and Nepal.
A large part of north, west and central India observes a fast on all nine days. Fasting is a way to pay gratitude to Goddess. During these fasts people avoid eating meat, grains, onions, garlic and intake of alcohol. This festival gives you a chance to get back to the roots and deviates from the day to day affairs. Ingredients like kuttu atta, singhara atta, fresh vegetables, milk, yogurt and makhanas are preferred these days.
One have a large variety of food items to choose from, includes sabudana khichdi, aloo paneer kofta, sabudana vada, arbi, kuttu ki khichdi and for sweets sabudana ladoo, sabudana kheer, dry fruits ladoo, coconut ladoo etc.


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