Dessert is a course that concludes a main meal. It usually consists of sweet food and beverage. This course consists of variation of flavours, textures and appearances.
Dessert would include cakes which are sweet tender breads made with sugar and delicate flour. Small sized cakes have become popular in the form of cupcakes. Chocolate is typically sweet and usually brown. Custard and puddings usually include a thickened dairy base. Ice cream is a cream base that is churned as it is frozen to create a creamy consistency. Pastries are sweet bakery product. They are often flavoured of filled with fruits, chocolates or nuts.
Indian desserts include a varied options. Some of them are- shahi tukra (royal toast), is a syrup soaked toast in a sweetened reduction of milk flavoured with saffron. Kheer is an indian rice pudding. Gulabjamun is a khoya, rich curd made by reducing milk for several hours, form the base for these syrup soaked confections. Shrikhand, super thick yoghurt is mixed with saffron and sweet milk for a creamy, simple dessert that’s a delightful on any warm day.
One is never full, they always have a stomach for desserts.


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