Street Food of Delhi

Street food is ready-to-eat food sold by hawkers in streets or at other public places. It is often sold from a portable stall and are meant for immediate consumption.
The historical capital, Delhi is a foodie’s paradise. One can find everything from street food to international cuisine in Delhi. You can have regular dine or you can pamper your taste buds by the mouth watering flavors of street food.
Delhi has many dishes to offer as street food which is served by some well known vendors from years. Some of the best street food in Delhi includes chole bhature, golgappe, poori aloo, dahi bhalle, rolls and many more. Delhi can provide you with best chole bhature, you can try it at Giani’s di hatti in Chandani Chowk, Roshan’s at Karol bagh and Sita Ram at Paharganj. Next comes the golgappe, it has other variations like Mumbai’s paani poori and Kolkata’s puchka, but can’t beat the flavor of Delhi’s golgappe. Poori aloo is a spicy and delicious Delhi cuisine. A must try for spicy food lovers. One just can’t miss the delight of Delhi’s street food, dahi bhalla, must try it with a sprinkle of aloo bhujia namkeen. Kachori with sabzi is also a spicy treat of street food in Delhi. You can have samosa with chole, aloo chat, aloo tikki, chole kulche, ram ladoo( fried dal pakodas ), paranthe and many more. Delhi’s street food lacks no where in terms of serving sweets or desserts, for that you have kulfi, daulat ki chaat( can be found only in Chandani Chowk ), rabri faulda, kulfi faluda and jalebi.
Delhi’s street food is something you would crave for, it has some mouth watering delights to pamper your taste buds, feed your stomach and that too at a very reasonable price.


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