Indian Cuisines

India being a country with huge diversity, and a native to people having different culture and religion. There is also diversity in indian cuisine, which is largely influenced by different religions. Food is an important part of indian culture, according to some ancient traditions of India food is a gift from God. Indian food is also effected by the diversity in soil type, climate and use of locally available spices, herbs and vegetables.

According to some stereotype people indian food is too spicy, take a long time to prepare, is too greasy and is only vegetarian. But reality differs, cuisines in India differs from places to places. In northern and central India, ‘roti’ or ‘phulka’ is popular, it’s like a flatbread and ‘puri’ is a deep fried flatbread. Punjabi cooking mostly favors milk in various forms, which includes dahi ( yogurt ), makhan ( white butter ) and ghee ( classified butter ). Famous Punjabi dishes are ‘makki ki roti’, with ‘sarsoo ka saag’,tandoori chicken and ‘kheer’. Like Punjab, some of the special dishes of South India includes fish and steamed rice, banana chips, ‘sambar idli’, dosas and vadas.

Some of the popular Indian spices are jeera ( cumin ), haldi ( turmeric ), cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, etc. Indian cuisine even offers a rich variety of desserts which are enjoyed nationwide like rasgulla, rabbdi, gulab jamun, kulfi, burfi, kala kand, shahi tukra, moong dal halwa etc. Like in culture and religion, India is also rich and diverse in food.


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